Thurston County Home Sales

Downtown OlympiaReal estate is looking up! Thurston County residential home prices have increased nearly 2% from last month and the appreciation from this same period last year is 1.4%. That’s a good sign!

Available inventory is increasing, however there is only 4.25 months of inventory. Five to seven months of inventory is considered normal. At 4.25 it is considered a seller’s market.

The median price for homes in July is $229,000. That is up 1.7% from June of 2013 and July 2012.

Homes in Thurston County sold for an average of 97% of the original list price.

I am asked regularly if it’s a good time to buy/sell real estate. My answer is, it depends on the buyers and sellers circumstances. If you’re an investor there are good buys to be had. A seller may want to or need to wait depending on how much they currently owe on their home.

Since interest rates are still very low, homes are very affordable. If you’re considering purchasing a home, now may be the time.

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