Your Home is Listed For Sale, Now What?

Now that your home is listed for sale there are many things that need to be done. Once your home is listed, there are still tasks that need to be completed.Home For Sale Sign in Front of Beautiful New Home

The hardest thing for a seller is that you have to keep the house in showing condition from day one, every day.

Showing Condition:

Keep your home uncluttered at all times. Less than 10% of people can see the structure of the home when they have to look through your personal items and clutter.

Your kitchen counter-tops should be clean and have very few items stored on them. If you have several appliances you use frequently, prioritize and keep the most important one or two on the counter while you store the others in a cupboard or pantry.

You are moving so pack your things. A buyer understands rows of boxes stored in the garage.

Home Inspection Preparation:

Prepare for the home inspection by making sure the inspector will have easy access to the electrical panel, crawl spaces, and attic space. In order for the inspector to do a complete inspection these areas need to be readily accessible.

The MLS Details:

Request a copy of the Agent Detail of your listing that has been entered into the MLS and review it. Look for any corrections that may be needed. Also, review the marketing remarks to check for any errors. Ask your agent for a link to your listing online so that you may review the information online.

Also, review the photos of your home that are displayed in the MLS. The pictures used to market your home are often the first images a home buyer will see. Often times, the home buyer makes a judgment call on whether to actually make an appointment to view your home, or not, based on the photos alone. This is why good photos are important. It may be worth it to pay a professional so your home is portrayed in the best light.

The Showing:

Be sure to make your home readily available for showings. That inconvenient showing may be your homes next owner.

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